2019 “GO FARM” Farmers Market Guidelines

Greater Ozark Farmers Agricultural Regional Market

Market Purpose: Primary focus of the “GO FARM” Farmers Market is to serve the needs of local producers and consumers by offering a variety of fresh produce, meats, and eggs, locally produced crafts and value added products. 

Location: Savor Grill parking lot, 1321 Preacher Roe Blvd, West Plains, MO 65775.  Inside during winter months.

Application: Applications for vendor space will need to be filed and available spaces will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis. 

  • Applications can be turned in on or after March 15th of the present growing season year. Name, address, phone number, email (if available), vehicle license plate number(s), and a general product list will be required. Also, the approximate month/weeks in which you will be using the market.
  • The cost for membership is an annual payment of $80.00. Additionally, there is a $5.00 fee to be paid to the Market Manager directly, for every day a member sets up at the "Go Farm" Market. Non co-op members may set up with a $10.00 per day set-up fee paid to the manager. The Market Manager position is a paid position, with responsibilities ranging from advertising to sales-day preparation and cleanup, among many other items to ensure a professional market. 
  • No subletting of spaces. Products sold at your space are be listed on your application; you may modify application and submit to market manager at any time. 
  • Any vendor reserving a space must plan to attend the market on a regular basis. If a space is empty for a period of three weeks, the assigned vendor may forfeit their spot. We do not want spaces empty week after week, it detracts from the pleasure of shopping at the Market. 
  • Market manager has spaces reserved for occasional vendors; these spaces will be assigned in order requested. 
  • Vendors are asked to keep their tables set up until closing, even if sold out, it gives the Market a professional look.
  • Vendors please remember the market is a business. We do want you to visit and help each other but you are encouraged to stay at your booth and respect other vendors who are selling and engaging with their customers. Please refrain from too much visiting which may interfere with their customer service.
  • This is a family oriented market, please, all vendors must maintain modest dress at the market.  
  • Ozark Farmers’ Cooperative has the right to refuse applicant membership based on a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

Produce Producers: Food Safety Workshop: All produce vendors will be required to attend a Food Safety Workshop. "Go Farm" market manager will schedule a Food Safety Workshop. You only  need to attend a Food Safety Workshop once. A small fee may be charged to cover the presenter costs. The purpose of this class is to keep our producers up to date with the USDA rules and regulations that are in place for all farmers. 

Months, Days, Hours of Operation: The “Go Farm” Farmers Market will be held on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8 am to 1 pm, rain or shine. Winter hours 9 -1 pm. Depending on winter weather the Market may close or we may be inside. Set up will be allowed one hour before opening. We are a year round market.

Permitted Items for Sale:  We want to have a wide variety of products to offer to consumers. Permitted items can include but not limited to:

  • All produce brought in from other sources must have a prominent sign disclosing the source; farm and location. Only a certain amount of produce at your stand may be from outside sources.  
  • Any raw vegetable, fruit, plants, honey, molasses, sorghum, dried fruits and vegetables, nuts, garlic, spices, grains, herbs, bedding plants, flowers, canned and pickled products, relishes, salsas, and baked goods.
  • High value products such as meat, poultry, and egg products are permitted but need to comply with Missouri State Health Department regulations.
  • Any food given or sold to customers must comply with Missouri State Health Department regulations.
  • Craft items are also allowed but are limited to those actually produced by the vendor.                                           Restricted Items: Live animals, flea market or yard sale items, Tupperware, Mary Kay, Avon, etc…will not be allowed.
Signing, Pricing, Bags, and Labeling:  Pricing of goods sold at the market is solely the discretion of the seller. Prices should be clearly visible and all vendors are required to advertise truthfully and respond to customer’s questions in regards to the products they are offering for sale. All baked goods, jams, jellies, and canned goods, etc. must comply with the labeling requirements outlined in Missouri State Health Department regulations for home produced food products. The Market provides bags for your customer sales to have a professional look, please do not use Wal-Mart or other bags plastic bags.

Farmers Market Identification: Any vendor who sells produce at the “Go Farm” Farmers Market will provide notice at the Market indicating the location at which the produce was grown. The sign has to be visible by patrons who come to the Market.

Set-up: Tables, items for sale, canopies, and umbrellas cannot obstruct the driveway, staying within your 11’x11’ space. After unloading and set-up, vehicles must be removed to curbside parking.

  • Vendors are asked not to begin set-up before one hour of market opening unless market manager knows in advance.
  • Any Vendor not occupying his/her assigned space within 30 minutes of Market opening will forfeit his/her space for that market day to any awaiting vendor without a previously assigned space as long as they have a permit.
  • If you are putting up a tent/canopy, you must have weights heavy enough to prevent it from blowing away. 

Clean-up: Vendors will be responsible for the cleanliness of their selling area at the end of the market day. The area needs to be kept free of any debris generated by market activity. 

Smoking: No smoking is allowed at your booth or surrounding booths. Maintain the 25' rule.

Disputes: Vendors should make every attempt to resolve disputes among themselves. In the event that a dispute cannot be resolved, the Market Manager, or representative, will mediate.

  • Any complaint against a vendor must be directed to the attention of the Market Manager.    
  • There will be no tolerance for one vendor to dispute another vendor’s prices.
  • Zero tolerance for slander in any form of another vendor or the market, be it verbal or social media, there will be immediate dismissal from the Market. Let’s all practice the Golden Rule!

Liability: Vendors and their representatives shall be held solely responsible for knowledge of and compliance with any Missouri Health Department Regulations. If you have any questions, contact Justin Frazier or Dawn Hicks at 417-256-7078. Greater Ozark Farmer’s Agricultural regional Market and Ozark Farmers Agricultural Co-op are released from any and all liability of non-compliance with these regulations. Members of the Ozark Farmers Agricultural Cooperative will have automatic liability insurance. Non-members must show proof of liability insurance.

Disclaimer: Greater Ozark Farmers Agricultural Regional Market (GO FARM), Ozark Farmers Agricultural Cooperative (OFAC), and Savor Grill are not liable for any accidents or injuries etc. happening to vendors or customers.